The orange mermaid is being extra af lmao. I love this so much.

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when ur friends make fun of something ur secretly into


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   I've always wanted to ship Fenris and Isabela but the way she objectifies him in some of their banter, particularly the lines about glistening, kind of wigs me out, just because of Fenris's history of sexual abuse. Truly just curious and not trying to be combative here, but do you think that's something they'd be able to work out, or do you think Fenris doesn't mind? Like I said, I wanna ship it!


Not at all, anon! I understand where you’re coming from and I know a lot of people feel uncomfortable with that line. In short, I don’t think she’s objectifying him, but I’ll put my thoughts under the cut.

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"romance options are not candy to be dispensed fairly and evenly" gaider its a video game if we wanted inequality we would go outside

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More people are concerned with why women stay in abusive relationships than why men are abusing women

real talk

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   I'm so... just, RELIEVED... to have found someone who feels the same way I do about the whole DAI LI situation. So I'm following you, if only to be able to read your rants and nod along with you ^^ I know you didn't want to talk about BW anymore, but I just wanted to let you know: You're so not alone in your thinking and your severe disappointment and frustration.


Hahahahaha, don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll be back to wanting to bitch about BioWare before too long. Like, tomorrow, probably.

I’ve just run out of ways to make it “funny” for the moment (funny for me, that is, not necessarily for other people). I don’t want to get too serious, because then I just wind up depressing myself, and I’m already in therapy.

What pisses me off the most is less the actual game content and more BioWare’s sheer hypocrisy in marketing themselves as an LGBT-friendly company, and profiting from that image when they don’t actually give us equal treatment and never have (people keep forgetting about Sebastian in DA2, can’t imagine why >_>).

And don’t get me started on my experience with their forums (again).

I would honestly prefer they openly treat me like dirt, like other game companies, as opposed to this two-faced bullshit. Being treated like you’re welcome in a community, only to discover, once you’re inside it, that you’re actually not, is quite a nasty shock. Like having ice-cold water thrown on you. At least with other game developers and their fanbases, I know where I stand, and what to expect going in.

And I don’t think it’s mere thoughtlessness on BioWare’s part, either. I think it was a very deliberate, calculated marketing move to appeal to straight women; a group that has a considerable amount of purchasing power, no matter what any fedora-wearing neckbeard says.

I think it’s pretty obvious that BioWare (and media generally) deliberately under-serve the LGBT audience because they know they can get away with it. LGBT gamers are a smaller, less vocal demographic, and we’re so used to being completely ignored that we’ll lap up literally anything, even if it’s unfair and grossly insulting.

I mean, we’re so desperate for representation that we’ve started deluding ourselves into seeing it in movies like Frozen, where it does not exist, and then giving the creators of this content (which, again, does not exist) credit for something they’ve not actually done.

It’s absurd, and really disheartening. I’ve seen LGB-identifying members of BioWare’s forum who have internalised homophobia to the point where they think it would be “obnoxious” of them to ask for equal treatment, and I’ve seen those LGB posters turn on other LGB posters (like myself and some personal friends), and call us ‘sluts’, or otherwise sexually deviant, for wanting romance options to be more accessible.

I’ve yet to see moderators ever do anything about those posters, in fact, I was criticised by a member of BioWare’s staff for not being more sensitive to people “who haven’t experienced the same marginalisation” as me.

I mean, what the fuck?

For starters, those LGB gamers are experiencing the same marginalisation as me, they’re just too damn stupid and/or brainwashed to see it, or so beaten-down that they don’t have the willpower to complain any longer.

And secondly, why is the onus on me (or anyone else for that matter), to have sympathy and understanding for someone who calls them an obnoxious slut?

Dragon Age fandom posts sometimes float across my dash, and I see gems like this, where gays and lesbians who fancy themselves as being ‘older’ and ‘wiser’, criticise the ‘younger generation’ for acting ‘spoiled’. Spoiled!

In what sense - in what universe - does getting less content than everyone else qualify us as ‘spoiled’? And then this eminent thinker wonders why younger LGB gamers treat her with disdain and call her names.

"I’ve been told my generation didn’t do enough!" She whines.

Well most of us still can’t get married and a significant portion of us are at risk of execution just for existing. Draw your own conclusion.

And now I’ve run out of steam, and I just realised I’ve rambled aimlessly for what feels like several pages. So I’m going to wrap up this latest installment of Why BioWare (and its Fanbase) Suck Ass, and I Wish They’d All Choke to Death on Used Maxi-Pads.

This one goes out to motomotogirl. I hope all the nodding along doesn’t hurt your neck!

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Those who can tap into the raw energy of the Fade and block the whispering temptations of demons are truly exceptional.

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Renly’s beard appreciation post

you missed one

That is the Tumblr comment to end all comments…

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Alder and the boyfriend :V

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Alder Cadash, everyone

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